What does it mean to be “community-based”?

January 10, 2019

Iowa City Hospice is a community-based organization. We were founded about 40 years ago by neighbors and community members who saw a need for local services to bring dignity and comfort to end of life care. By 1983, we had a board of directors and trained volunteers, all community members working together toward a heartfelt goal.

Since our founding, our community has expanded to include all of Johnson County and the counties that touch it. Our staff live in the community they serve. We are your neighbors and friends. This is our home: We know these places, we know these facilities, and we know these people. This is a wonderful place to be, and a wonderful place to serve.

Our formation, our foundation, and our success would not be possible without the support of our community.  We have been sustained for four decades through generous donations of time, of expertise, of money, and of spirit.

We strive to repay that generosity by keeping our community foremost in all of our goals:

  • We answer to local, volunteer board members who give freely of their time and talent – not a compensated corporate board in distant headquarters.
  • Our mission is “to provide compassionate care for anyone in our community affected by serious advanced illness and end of life conditions.” That’s anyone in our community, whether or not they can pay for services.
  • Since Iowa City Hospice is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, every dollar we receive goes back into our community, through compassionate patient care,  enhanced services, staff salaries, volunteer training and more.

Iowa City Hospice is homegrown, brought forth from the community to serve the community. Some of our original volunteers are with us still, and we cherish their continued support. We cherish your continued support.

If you’re new to the Iowa City area, or new to hospice services, welcome to our community. If you’ve been around awhile, thank you for welcoming us.