Supportive Care

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Supportive Care helps people who have a serious illness live as well as possible. We focus on providing comfort care and reducing stress. We support the entire family. Our goal is to help keep you or your family member comfortable at home.

A nurse and social worker are a part of your team. We will help:

  • Control symptoms like pain, shortness of breath, anxiety and sadness
  • Talk about your health care wishes and assist in planning
  • Communicate with your health care providers and help coordinate care
  • Provide emotional support to you and your family
  • Connect you with resources in the community

The admission will take place in your home. After that, the team will have contact with you by phone, telehealth, or home visits.

Additional supports:

  • On-call nursing support at night and on the weekend
  • Volunteers who can provide companionship
  • A physician and nurse practitioner who can visit you if needed
  • A pharmacist who will review your medications

How do I know if I qualify?

  • You must have a serious illness or condition.
  • You must have had two or more hospital encounters in the past twelve months. You may have visited the emergency room or been hospitalized.
  • You may not be able to do certain activities because of your condition. You may need assistance with daily living activities, like bathing, dressing, eating, getting in and out of a chair, or going to the bathroom. You may have lost weight unintentionally over the past three months.

We will complete a nursing assessment in your home to see if you meet guidelines for admission.

Is there a cost?
Services may be covered if you are part of an ACO, or Accountable Care Organization.
If you are not part of an ACO, we will bill your insurance for any services covered under your policy. Co-payments may apply.
Additional fees are based on a sliding scale.

  • You must request financial assistance at the time you enroll.
  • You must complete an application for financial assistance. We will require proof of income and assets.

Do you need more information or an application?
Please ask your social worker or Iowa City Hospice intake staff.
This is a program to help meet the needs of people who are seriously ill.

We visit people in these counties in Iowa: Johnson, Cedar, Linn, Muscatine, Washington, Iowa, and Louisa.
Please call us for more information.
Iowa City Hospice: 800-897-3052 or 319-351-5665

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