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Honoring Your Wishes


The mission of Honoring Your Wishes is to promote a community-wide advance care planning process in which individuals’ health care preferences are discussed, documented, and honored by families, friends, and the health care community.


Our vision is that the advance care planning process will be the standard of care ensuring that every individual’s health care choices are clearly defined and honored.


Iowa City Hospice recognized a need for an improved advance care planning process in the community, and provided initial funding and support to explore this possibility. In September of 2010, Iowa City Hospice invited community leaders to come together and learn about Respecting Choices, an evidence-based advance care planning system in La Crosse, WI. At that gathering, twenty-two community leaders volunteered to serve as a steering committee. The group first met in December 2010, and the initiative was launched in Johnson County.

What Is Advance Care Planning?

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A Proud Supporter of Honoring Your Wishes

Advance care planning is a dynamic process that helps people make informed decisions about health care preferences based upon their values and beliefs. It encourages reflection and discussion with people’s health care providers and their circle of support to determine health care goals and interventions. As people age and their life circumstances and health conditions change, it is important to regularly review advance directives and communicate health care preferences to help ensure that health care wishes are honored.

We encourage all adults with decision-making capacity to meet with a certified Advance Care Planning facilitator. To schedule an appointment, please click here.