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Iowa City Hospice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Choose Iowa City Hospice?

Respect. Comfort. Peace of mind.

As the oldest, most experienced hospice in the area, Iowa City Hospice brings an unmatched combination of:

  • A personalized approach to patient, caregiver, and family care,
  • highly-qualified, experienced staff, and
  • a large, dedicated volunteer base.

The result? Respect for individual choices. The comfort and peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your loved ones are well cared for. Individualized care plans and the most appropriate scope of hospice and bereavement services.

When Will I Know It’s Time To Call?

It’s never too soon to call Iowa City Hospice.

End-of-life care may be difficult to discuss, but it’s best to learn about the options, and for family members to share their wishes, long before it becomes a concern.

We encourage anyone – family members, clergy, friends, medical professionals – to contact us to learn more about Iowa City Hospice’s services. Our staff can offer guidance about how to raise the subject of hospice with someone who may be in need of our care.

Here are situations and signs of change that may indicate it’s time to call for an assessment.

What Does Our Care Mean For You?

  • Receive Comfort
    Experience the comfort and peace that walks through the door with your Iowa City Hospice Team.
  • Reduce Your Stress Through Financial Coverage
    100% of the medications, medical equipment and supplies needed for your hospice care will be paid for and delivered to your home.
  • Spend More Qualitly Time With Your Loved Ones
    Expand your circle of care through connections to medical, financial, legal and social resources.
  • Be Prepared And Find Peace
    Knowing what to expect brings peace of mind and empowers caregivers with confidence to provide end of life care.
  • Live Where You Want
    Iowa City Hospice care is provided wherever you call home.

How Are Services Paid For?

No one who needs care is turned away from Iowa City Hospice. Services are paid for through MedicareMedicaid, private health insurance and the financial support of your neighbors.

Through the generous support of this community, your not-for-profit hospice is able to continue our mission of caring for anyone who needs us, regardless of ability to pay.